The Happy Herbivore Cookbook by Lindsay S. Nixon

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ISBN: 978-1-935-618126
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Vegan chef of one of the top 50 food blogs on the Web,, Lindsay Nixon, gives hundreds of thousands of her followers recipes each month, showing that the vegan diet is not only healthy but delicious, too.  Now, Nixon combines some of her tastiest recipes in The Happy Herbivore Cookbook, each made with no added fats, using only whole, plant-based foods.  It’s easy to make great food at home using the fewest number of ingredients and ones that can easily be found at any store, on any budget.

The Happy Herbivore Cookbook includes:

-  A variety of recipes from quick and simple to decadent and advanced.
-  Helpful hints and cooking tips, such as which bread, tofu or egg replacer works best in a recipe.
-  An easy-to-use glossary demystifying any ingredients that may be new to the reader.
-  Healthy insight:  Details on the health benefits and properties of key ingredients.

240 pages