I Love Monkey by Suzanne Kaufman

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I Love Monkey by Suzanne Kaufman

Every child is a marvel, a unique and irreplaceable gift to the world — but, down deep, not every child believes it.  It’s up to us — parents, teachers and grandparents — to let our children know that they are loved and treasured just as they are.  That’s what makes the I Love Monkey book so special.  Throughout the book Monkey tries to be something special — a squirrel, a bunny, a grasshopper, a fish.  But Monkey finally realizes that the most special thing of all is to just be yourself — no one in the whole wide world can ever do that better than you.  Share the universal message found in the I Love Monkey book with children, teens, and adults.

  • Original illustrations by Suzanne Kaufman
  • 36 page hard-cover with dust jacket
  • Measures 10.375” x 10.75”
  • Printed with soy ink on recycled paper

    Winner of the PTPA Award
    Winner of the Mom's Choice Award 

    Author Bio:
    Suzanne Kaufman lives with two monkeys, Eleanor and Katie, who sometimes pretend to be girls.  Her story was inspired by them, a series of goofy doodles and a cup of coffee with the really nice people at Compendium.  Born in the Midwest, Suzanne grew up with a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons and macaroni and cheese.  Her style is inspired by lots and lots and lots of monkeys and 50’s-era cartoons.