Henna Tattoos

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Henna Tattoos

The Earth Henna™ Temporary Tattoo Kit comes with everything needed to create beautiful body art temporary tattoos. Premium grade henna powder is mixed with Earth Henna™ Solution to make the henna paste. That paste is transferred into a soft plastic applicator bottle with a fine tip. To create your henna design, simply squeeze the bottle to release the paste.


Highlights of Earth Henna™ Temporary Tattoo Kit

  • Enough henna to create 20-30 henna designs
  • Henna tattoos last 7-10 days on skin
  • Henna Powder and Solution are pre-measured for perfect consistency every time
  • Comes with applicator bottle and the same fine tip used by pros
  • Comes with 35 henna design stencil transfers that are reusable 5 times each
  • Henna paste lasts 4 weeks, when refrigerated
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No pain, no permanence
  • Perfect festival body art for gorgeous festival henna designs


Henna Kit contents:

  • 9g henna powder
  • 36 ml Earth Henna™ Solution
  • 8 ml Eucalyptus Oil
  • 1 Plastic cone bag
  • 1 Applicator bottle with fine tip
  • 2 Re-usable stencils transfer sheets
  • Flat toothpicks for touch-ups

How it Works

  • Pour henna powder into cone bag, add pre-mixed solution
  • Seal cone and massage contents until smooth. Wait one hour before using.
  • Using scissors, make a small cut at tip of cone
  • Slowly squeeze henna paste into applicator bottle
  • Twist on fine tip

You’re ready to create your henna design! If you don’t know how to draw freehand, never fear, henna design stencil transfers are here!