Henna Tattoo Kit & Mehndi Book

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Henna Tattoo Kit & Mehndi  Book

The Earth Henna™Book &Henna Kit Set comes with everything needed to create beautiful henna designs anywhere on the body, and the book, MEHNDI, The Art of Henna Body Painting by CarineFabius.

Highlights of Earth Henna™Book & Kit Set

The henna tattoo kit

  • Enough henna to create 15-20 temporary tattoos that last 7-10 days on skin
  • Henna powder and Solution are pre-measured for perfect consistency every time
  • Comes with applicator bottle and fine tip used by pros
  • Comes with 16 stencil transfers that are reusable 5 times each
  • Henna paste lasts 4 weeks, when refrigerated
  • Dermatologically tested
  • No pain, no permanence

The book

  • The first published book on henna in the U.S was written by author CarineFabius, creator of Earth Henna™ body temporary tattoo kits. This book features dozens of practice exercises and sample design illustrations. Inside you will find:
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to apply your hennatattoo designs
  • Tips from professional henna artists
    History of the art form and a discussion of the traditional uses of the henna plant
  • 140 beautiful photographs and illustrations


Kit contents:

  • 5g henna powder
  • 19 ml Earth Henna™ Solution
  • 4 ml Eucalyptus Oil
  • 1 Plastic cone bag
  • 1 Applicator bottle with fine tip
  • 16 Re-usable stencils transfers
  • Flat toothpicks for touch-ups

How it Works

  • Pour henna powder into cone bag, add pre-mixed Solution
  • Seal cone and massage contents until smooth. Wait one hour before using.
  • Using scissors, make a small cut at tip of cone
  • Slowly squeeze henna paste into applicator bottle
  • Twist on fine tip

You’re ready to create your design! If you don’t know how to draw freehand, never fear, stencil transfers are here!