Glasstic | The Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

BPA Free, Toxin Free, Metal Free

Nothing is better to drink out of than glass. The GLASStic bottle is made of ultra-pure glass on the inside, and BPA free plastic on the outside. It’s BPA free, toxin free and metal free. Finally! A water bottle that mixes the purity of glass and the portability of plastic!


100% Shatterproof

Not only is the GLASStic bottle extremely break resistant, it’s 100% shatterproof. If you drop it and the glass water bottle breaks on the inside, no worries…the broken glass remains safely contained within the plastic outer shell!


Double Walled, Insulated, Sweatproof

The double walled construction of the GLASStic bottle provides insulation for your beverage…keeping it colder for a longer period of time than single walled bottles. Plus, it’s totally sweatproof on the outside!