Bracelet/Pura Vida - Rainbow/Cream

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Who needs a pot of gold when you can have your own personal rainbow? Radiate positivity with our new gold plated Rainbow Charms. Featuring a custom enamel filled rainbow charm, available in blue or cream, these bracelets are sure to brighten your day. For the perfect vintage-inspired look, add a Rainbow Ring and a pair of Rainbow

Custom Enamel Filled Rainbow Charm
- Gold-Plated "P" Charm
- Wax-Coated Two String Bracelet
- Adjustable from 2-5 Inches in Diameter

Founded in Costa Rica, Pura Vida Bracelets provides sustainable jobs to artisans worldwide and raises awareness for charities with products that give back. We’re also passionate about protecting the environment. That’s why we package all of our products in biodegradable bags that break down after 180 days when buried.