Space of My Own

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For some of us it's a small desk in the corner of a kitchen or living room, for others it's a self-contained home office, but we all need a space we can call our own – where we can catch up on emails, tackle household admin or enjoy some crafting.  In A Space of My Own, Caroline Clifton-Mogg shows you how to make the most of your personal work space.  Part 1 explores The Elements that make up a successful work area, from choosing the right Furniture for comfort and the right Lighting for the task, to attractive Storage to keep things conveniently at hand and Decoration to create an environment that truly brings out the creativity in you.  Part 2 is about The Spaces as a whole, showing examples of Home Offices, Shared Work Spaces, Sewing and Craft Rooms and Space for Children and Teens.  Featuring case studies of successful examples of all four areas, it provides ideas and inspiration which can be easily translated into your own home.  Because personal work space should be both practical and inspiring, and, quite simply, the more it is designed around your needs and tastes, the more inspired you will be.

176 pages
300 photographs
Size:  9 1/4 x 7 1/2in